Press for Coalescence:

Brian Morton at Jazz Journal has named Coalescence as his album of the year 2013!

Coalescence receives another 4 star review from Brian Morton in the August 2013 edition of Jazz Journal: ‘utterly remarkable music [...] if it’s not my record of the year, that can only be because something still more extraordinary has come along between now and Hogmanay. And I somehow doubt that.’

Jazz on 3 presenter, Jez Nelson, July 2013, BBC Introducing Stage, Band on the Wall (Metamorphic shortlisted alongside 3 other bands- full Metamorphic set broadcast on Jazz on 3 in August): ‘Amazingly original compositions – I don’t think I’ve heard anything quite like it!’

Pianist Alex Wilson on Coalescence, July 2013: ‘Like all great art, Metamorphic gets the pulse racing from the get-go’

Review of Coalescence by Nick Lea here:

Interview of Laura Cole by Nick Lea here:

Coalescence receives 4 star review from John Fordham in the Guardian, 05/07/13; Metamorphic are an ‘imposing talent’..

Coalescence receives 4 star review from Peter Quinn at Jazzwise, June 2013: ‘[...] a compelling and ear catching collection [...] Laura Cole has one of the most distinctive compositional voices around.’

Coalescence also receives 4 stars from Ian Mann, June 2013: ‘[...]it’s a highly personal record that embraces several different musical genres in an interesting and distinctive way. Cole is developing a unique conceptual and compositional style that makes Metamorphic one of the most interesting groups around on the UK scene.’ For the review in full, go to:

Jazz UK on Coalescence, June 2013: ‘A good example of the imagination on display is ‘Little Woman, Lonely Wing’, Cole’s ingenious splicing of Jimi Hendrix and Ornette Coleman [...] listeners will find much to admire.’

‘Bebop Spoken Here’ blog’s review of Coalescence: ‘very engaging and thought-provoking.. original and refreshing.’ For the full review, go here:

Chris Parker’s review of Coalescence at LondonJazz: ‘.. this is a consistently absorbing, multi-hued, thoughtful album..’ For the full review, go here:

In-depth profile of Laura Cole from Rob Edgar at LondonJazz:

Press for The Rock Between:

‘Metamorphic’s The Rock Between is a brave, honest yet beguiling record [...] Impressively executed.’ – Jazz UK

‘[A] consistently intriguing and clearly heartfelt album […] this is a rich, emotionally satisfying album that reveals fresh subtleties each time it’s played.’ – Chris Parker,

‘The Rock Between is a form of musical alchemy, an attempt to transmute [these] dark materials into a nugget of artistic gold [...] lushly scored [...]’ – Dan Spicer, Jazzwise

‘A fascinating record that shows considerable promise.’ – Ian Mann,

‘The music and performances on The Rock Between have rare strength and beauty.’ – Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz

‘This is a really new and exciting British band, I definitely recommend them to you.’ – Peter Slavid,

‘I like the spirit of this music very much! The voice works great too in the instrumental canvas. And nice writing and tunes… poetic… lovely!’ – Iain Ballamy

‘[...] very honest, interesting and atmospheric music and lovely performances.’ – Norma Winstone

‘Metamorphic gave a most remarkable, even breathtaking performance [...] at the Forge, Camden.’ – Richard Sharm, Rainlore’s World of Music

‘[...] intricate and amazingly human arrangements [...] Live performances should always be like this!’ – Gordon Wedderburn, JazzMoods Live